Hear Well Again and Keep Connected With People

Staying connected to those in your life is crucial to maintain your psychological, emotional, cognitive and physical health.  Social isolation can kill. Struggling to hear conversation in competing noise can have a high cognitive cost. Depression, increased anxiety and increased stress are direct by-products of a hearing loss.  Staying connected is vital.

Stay connected and minimize the effects of a hearing loss with the right hearing aid.

Just Listen is the Best Way for you to choose the right Hearing Aid. 

Hear Well Again Centers' Just Listen method of selecting new hearing aids is different. At Hear Well Again Centers we don't want you to buy a hearing aid before you can experience amplification where you live, work and socialize.  You can walk out wearing demonstrator hearing aids that replicate several technology levels and Just Listen.  Try these instruments for a week.

Your new hearing aids should sound natural, clear and be effective in a wide range of listening conditions. There is no better way than Just Listen to select your new digital hearing aids than by sampling a range of several levels of speech enhancement/noise reduction hearing aid technology as you go about your day. These levels are replicated in our demonstrator hearing aids.  Believe you ears and choose what level enables you to listen easier.

Just Listen works great for those who have tinnitus. Hear Well Again Centers has successfully helped lessen or even eliminate tinnitus for many people. You may have heard that there was nothing that could be done about tinnitus. Don't believe it.  If you have tinnitus, we can help.

After a Tinnitus Evaluation, a set of Just Listen demonstrator digital hearing aid(s) with tinnitus sound therapy  and amplification will be programmed to your hearing loss, listening need and set to mask your tinnitus.  You can take these amazing devices home to Just Listen and experience tinnitus relief and easier listening -all at NO RISKYou have nothing to loose but your tinnitus. A week later these demonstrator hearing instruments will be read out and you'll summarize you experiences.

Hear Well Again Centers offers several hearing aid styles and  and aftercare service plans.  

The cost of amplification is less than many could have imagined.

Lets look at first the amortized (price divided by the expected product life) cost of most of our hearing aids.  It will be less than a dollar day. 

In terms of your actual purchase cost, after a fitting fee, with interest free financing available, you can purchase the right hearing aid at Hear Well Again Centers starting at about $29 a month or less than a dollar a day.

Hear Well Again is the leading fitter of Siemens and Sonic Innovation Hearing instruments in the Delaware Valley.   



 New%20Gray_Ear.jpgOur locations:

Newtown Square

Fort Washington


 Our Just Listen demonstrator digital hearing aids are state-of-the art. Many you can't feel on or in your ear. They are hard to notice.  It is possible to have your hearing tested and walk out wearing these digital hearing aids in about an hour.

The price you pay for a Siemens or Sonic Innovations digital hearing aid will depend on the level of the hearing aid technology you choose and the amount of aftercare you select. Your health insurance may include some hearing aid coverage.   Care Credit financing is available. After a required down payment prices start as low as $29 a month. 



 We believe aftercare is vital for many to successfully wear amplification. Our aftercare services include:

  • Reprogramming of the digital hearing instruments when changes in hearing occurs  or as the brain adapts to amplification
  • Regular care and maintenance of these precision instruments to maximize performance
  • Aural rehabilition sessions for patients and their families
  • Providing effective hearing instrument technology suitable for your listening needs and the support to ensure success at affordable prices
  • Tinnitus assessment including tinnitus matching
  • Tinnitus masking or suppression with Sound Therapy


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