Hear Well Again Centers features Siemens and Sonic Innovations digital hearing aids. They encompass the full range of styles and hearing aid technology levels –

  • The hearing aids we fit are priced according to their level of digital hearing aid technology and the amount of after-care included.
  • No matter what the hearing aid style – open ear, receiver-in-the-canal, behind the ear or custom one piece – there will be one price within a technology level for each hearing aid brand..
  • Our unique Just Listen program will enable you to sample a range of technology at home, work or socialize and choose the level that’s just right for your hearing, listening need and budget.
  • Included in the price of the hearing aids we fit is lifetime aftercare and Free lifetime hearing aid batteries. These are not transferable and only apply to the original purchaser.
  • Unbundling reduces the cost to as low as $895.  Some close-out models cost less. Binaural discounts can reduce this cost even more.  The supply of these close-out hearing aids is limited. Additional aftercare services could be purchased as needed.
  • The price of all hearing aids fit can be reduced by credits earned from the Amplify program.
  • When you consider costs, compare the cost of amplification with the cost of your hearing loss as it affects your life. For example, is your hearing problem creating difficulty at work and posssibly limiting your career?  Is it causing unnecessary stress at home?  Is it isolating? Does it prevent socialization?

It is almost impossible to look at the entire cost of the hearing aid and compare it to the economic or psycho-social impact of the hearing problem over the estimated life of the hearing aid. Rather, estimate how much alleviating these effects is worth per month or per day. Is a solution to minimize the daily impact of a hearing problem worth 35 cents a day? …75 cents … a dollar or two dollars a day?

Hearing aids may be tax deductible as a medical expense. This would be true if you had extensive medical expenses such as residence at a LifeCare Center. This could also be true if you have spent alot. You need to consult your tax advisor for further guidance.

Health insurance may also have partial or full hearing aid coverage. Our staff can advise you about the available hearing aid coverage in the union, corporate, government, Medicare Advantage and other plans available in this area.

Take advantage of CareCredit or Wells Fargo financing. Subject to credit approval.


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