Complex problems require innovative solutions. It’s why we rely on Sonic Innovations for the diverse needs of our patients. Sonic has been leading the industry with its inventive technology and wide selection of versatile hearing aid models. They’re the brand we trust most because they deliver the results our patients are counting on.

Explore Sonic’s products below:


Designed to keep speech clear, noise to a maximum, and sound interactions remarkably clean. It’s packed with powerful technology that delivers an individualized solution for any patient’s personal needs. The Enchant is Made for iPhone ®, so you can stream audio and phone calls directly to them. And when combined with the SoundLink 2 smartphone app (available on the App Store® and Google PlayTM), you can stream music, TV, and more directly to your hearing aids. A dual-radio system with 2.4 GHz and NFMI technology ensures no lag between devices, while optimizing battery life.


Designed with the people and events of everyday lifestyles in mind. Ideal for those desiring advanced technologies, features and discrete styles with wireless connectivity to iPhone® and Android® smartphones. Celebrate is available in a variety of different styles, giving users more reasons to celebrate.


Cheer is a line of hearing instruments that are making fast fans. Wireless connectivity comes standard in most models and has winning sound performance on Sonic’s Speech Variable Processing platform. With a well-rounded lineup and three technology levels, it’s no wonder Cheer is becoming a fan favorite so fast.


Journey is designed for extreme hearing loss. This Super Power BTE is prepared to go the distance and includes a robust set of features to deliver confidence, connectivity and convenience that allows users to set the course they want. Thanks to a solid set of features that keep sounds clear and natural, Journey helps hearing aid wearers feel ready for every adventure.


Pep is ideal for first-time hearing aid users who have basic hearing needs. It includes the latest digital technologies to improve overall hearing and increase your comfort. Plus, Pep is modern and stylish, not to mention discreet and easy to operate. Pep is available in a variety of styles.

Wireless Accessories


Mobile phones, MP3 players, PCs, and TV are likely part of your everyday routine. SoundGate helps you hear them all—right through your hearing aids. The heart of our wireless system, SoundGate is the digital “go-between” connecting external devices with your hearing instruments. It’s a small, portable accessory that turns your hearing aids into personal “speakers” for the TV, your phone, or in assistive listening environments.

SoundGate Mic

With the SoundGate Mic, you can close the gap when listening to a distant speaker. It’s a great way to better hear an instructor at the front of the room—or a friend at the far end of the table. Simply clip the SoundGate Mic to the speaker’s clothing or ask them to keep it nearby.

RC-N Remote Control

The RC-N Remote Control offers an easy way to make discreet program and volume changes to your hearing aids. No more fiddling with tiny buttons or dials on hearing instruments.

TV Adapter

The TV Adapter works with SoundGate to transmit your television’s audio through your hearing devices. The TV Adapter makes enjoying your favorite programming so convenient, you’ll want an adapter for every TV you own.

Phone Adapter

The Phone Adapter works with SoundGate to transmit calls from your landline phone through your hearing devices. Connect the Phone Adapter to a landline, and it will alert you to an incoming call, let you answer remotely, and hear the conversation right through your hearing aids. Talking on the phone has never been easier.


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