Open Ear and Receiver-in-the-Canal hearing aid styles







At Hear Well Again Centers our audiologists dispense a wide range of hearing aid styles (types) and models, from basic entry level digital technology to the latest in sophisticated digital technology featuring ear-to-ear wireless communication, directional microphones, and automatic background noise suppression etc.


At Hear Well Again Centers, we try to match a person's listening lifestyle, listening needs, level and type of hearing loss and budget to the most appropiate hearing instruments.  For many who have never worn amplification before, open-ear and receiver-in-the-canal hearing aids are the best choices. These style hearing aids have some of the most significant advancements in amplification in the last decade*.  Open-ear and receiver-in-canal hearing aids have several advantages over the more traditional styles of amplification:


  • They are exceptionally comfortable, as patients who have switched to open-ear or receiver-in-the-canal hearing aids will attest.
  • Their tiny size and color casing to match skin or hair color make open-ear and receiver-in-the-canal hearing aids barely noticeable.
  • Advanced amplification make speech sound much more natural than previous generations of hearing aids.
  •  In terms of lessening or eliminating the occlusion effect ("blocked-up feeling"), the receiver-in-the-canal style has many of the advantages of the open-ear style.  The fitting range of receiver-in-the-canal style hearing aids can be extensive.  Anyone with a mild, high frequency hearing loss to a severe flat loss can be fit with a receiver-in-the-canal hearing aid.  They are lighter and smaller than most behind-the-ear style hearing aids, yet incorporate just as much hearing aid technology.


Open Ear

Life - open-ear


Whether it's a passing comment or a detailed discussion, with advanced amplification you don't have to miss a thing. Siemens Life™ combines outstanding sound quality and refined comfort with simple operation. It's the perfect complement when style matters.


Soft and flexible, Siemens Life has no hard parts and fits simply and comfortably on the ear. Designed to deliver superb sound quality, it gives you choices between automatic and programmable push-button operation. And, it's open-fit eliminates the muffled effect you may feel with other hearing aids.



Siemens Life is for those with mild to moderate hearing loss, who won’t compromise their style. Flexible and uncomplicated Siemens Life delivers the lowest power consumption among comparable hearing aids on the market.



 Compact, ultra-small design is almost unnoticeable behind the ear
  • Comfortable, easy-to-clean ultra-thin tube and tip practically disappear
  • 12 exchangeable subtle and stylish colors and patterns
  • Fully automatic functions or push-button adjustments
  • Tinnitus therapy feature
  • Open-fit minimizes occlusion effect
  • Low maintenance means fewer follow-up visits
  • Connects to Tek® and miniTek® wireless systems
  • Siemens BestSound® Technology
  • World's best feedback cancellation prevents whistling
  • Speech sounds clearer—even in noisy environments
  • Learns listening preferences in various surroundings


  • ACE - tiny Receiver-in-the-canal
  • Pure Carat

    Fully-featured and easy to handle.

    Pure® Carat is loaded with features including AutoPhone®, telecoil, and a tinnitus feature. A larger battery delivers longer-lasting performance and ease of handling.

    Totally unobtrusive on the outside, inside, Pure Carat brings you the ultimate in sound quality and hearing comfort. Pure Carat comes in a variety of styles and sophisticated colors.

    Pure Carat BTE hearing aid


      • Ultra-small RIC (receiver-in-canal) hearing aids
      • 10 exchangeable colors


        • Tinnitus therapy
        • 4 powerful receivers for up to severe hearing loss
        • Different receiver sizes
        • Suitable for very narrow ear canals
        • Connects to Tek® and miniTek® Bluetooth® wireless systems
        • Rechargeable RIC
        • Sound Technology


    • eCharger with electronic drying
    • T-coil with programmable control


    While most patients can benefit from these new hearing aid styles and their corresponding advanced technology, they are not right for everyone.  The best way to determine what is right for you is to meet with our audiologists.  They will assess your hearing ability, take into account your own unique listening needs, and then make a recommendation about what is best for you, while keeping your budget in mind.


    Call 1-800-879-3432 for an appointment today. 




    * Since the first quarter of 2007, the total number of behind-the-ear hearing aids dispensed has outnumbered the total number of one piece custom made hearing aids, a development fueled by open-ear and receiver-in-the-canal styles. This reverses a trend that had lasted several decades.


Ace™ hearing aids deliver every word—a touching remark, even a whisper—with optimal sound clarity and comfort. So small, it’s practically unnoticeable behind your ear. A moisture- and water-resistant hearing aid with IP67 rating.

The most discreet hearing instrument in its class, Ace packs an incredible hearing experience into a tiny package. It's nearly unnoticeable when worn behind the ear.

Designed to learn and remember hearing preferences in all situations.

Ace senses ambient sounds and intelligently adjusts itself. It filters out unwanted noise and delivers optimum sound quality that’s so natural, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing a hearing aid. Wearers enjoy the sound of life—just the way they want it.

Small, strong Ace is packed with features.
  • Ultra small design
  • Tinnitus control
  • Exchangeable housing in colors that match hair and skin tones
  • miniReceiver for natural sound quality
  • Advanced SiemensBestSound® Technology
  • Directional microphones help wearers focus on a conversation
  • Push button for optional control
    • Pure - receiver-in-the-canal

    Outstanding sound

    quality. Versatile. Discreet.

Small in size and filled with advanced technology, Siemens Pure® gives you the ultimate in natural sound quality— and it contains more features than any other hearing aid its size.

Pure is packed with innovations.

Rechargeable to eliminate hassle with batteries
  • Enhanced tinnitus control feature manages tinnitus and improves hearing at the same time
  • Telecoil (T-coil) connects with public sound systems in theaters and phones
  • miniReceiver for outstanding sound quality
  • Advanced BestSound® Technology from Siemens
  • Rocker switch or programmable push button for optional control
  • Exchangeable housing with a choice of 12 colors

It's wireless.

Siemens Pure hearing aids can become high-performance wireless headphones when paired with miniTek® to stream audio content from a cellphone, MP3 player, game console, and more.