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The goal for amplification is to provide the wearer with easier listening. The cost of working too hard to listen and stay connected can be much greater than the cost of the hearing aids. It is important that a hearing aid selected is one that satisfies listening needs and listening lifestyle. This seems simple but in practice may not be easy to determine. The traditional way hearing aids are selected almost everywhere can be confusing and frustrating, leaving the new wearer with a great deal of uncertainty. Was more hearing aid technology fit than was needed resulting in an unnecessary higher cost or too little technology fit for the listening need and lifestyle?

In this country, adults usually have to buy a hearing aid before they ever get an opportunity to take them home and try them. This is also true on the Internet and big box retailers. They are left with reading manufacturer’s brochures describing their technology. By design they describe their product features different using terms unique to their brand. A review of these brochures alone makes it is almost impossible to compare the technological advances of one manufacturer to another because they don’t use the same words and tests to describe their hearing aids. Just Listen gives people an opportunity to listen to demonstrator hearing aids with a range of a range of speech enhancement/noise attenuation technology and believe their ears.

For Free, Take Home and Try Before You Buy!

Hear Well Again Center’s Just Listen Program enables you to evaluate amplification in the real world where you need to hear well again. Just Listen is a real innovation in how hearing aids are selected. It will enable you to walk out wearing hearing aids and experience amplification in the listening environments where you live, work and socialize without first having to purchase hearing aids, a requirement of almost every other practice. Our demonstrator hearing aids let you try before you buy.

No controlled test environment or use of diagnostic equipment can approximate your ability to separate speech from competing noise in those listening situations that you have difficulty hearing conversation. The level of hearing aid technology appropriate for your listening need and lifestyle cannot be determined in a quiet sound treated test environment with a probe in the ear measuring the amount of amplification reaching the tympanic membrane.

The impact of today’s advanced digital hearing aids for many can be profound. They make speech clear and natural. We want you to hear their amazingly clear natural sound at home, work and socializing. Hear Well Again Center’s Just Listen program makes it easy for you to take home demonstrator hearing aids and listen to several levels of cutting-edge hearing aid technology from Siemens and Sonic Innovations at no cost. Believe your ears and select the technology level that you found sufficient to meet your listening needs before you purchase hearing aids.


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